Bromley Postal District War Memorial

In memory of those who fought in the First and Second World Wars


1914-1918 Bromley postal district roll of honour. 175 officers joined the forces. The following gave their lives. R.I.P. Beckenham (dedication names), Bromley (dedication names), Chislehurst (dedication names), St. Mary Cray (dedication names), Swanley Junction (dedication name). Unveiled 23, May 1916 by the Postmaster General. The Rt. Hon. Joseph A. Pease. M.P. The Mayor , Aldn W. Lindley Jones presiding. Final unveiling 26, March, 1920 bu the Postmaster General, The Rt., Hon. Albert H. Illingworth M.P. The Mayor Aldn. W.L. Crossley presiding. S.J Holloway postmaster.

  • Bond, A.W.
  • Head, J.
  • Hoare, O.J.
  • Long, C.E.
  • Martin, C.C.W.
  • Payne, A.E.
  • Robbins, F.J.
  • Wakefield, W.H.
  • Alwen, W.T.
  • Armitage, W.A.J.
  • Bird, W.J.
  • Brewer, W.T.
  • Brookes, C.G.
  • Crothall, B.C.
  • Flisher, G.E.
  • Lambert, J.
  • Muncey, W.E.
  • Potter, H.
  • Smith, L.C.W.
  • King, W.H.
  • Moody, A.E.
  • Smith, E.
  • Tye, R.
  • Larkin, W.J.C.
  • Moore, A.
  • Holmes, F.T.
  • Boutle C. N.
  • Record P. E.
  • Sadler A.
  • Wilson L. T.

Bromley Delivery Office,
Sherman Road,