Ealing Sorting Office - War Memorial

In memory of those who fought in the First and Second World Wars


In grateful memory of our comrades who fell in the Great Wars 1914-1918, 1939-1945 (dedication names). Erected by the staff at Ealing S.O.

  • G. E. H. Mortimer, P.O.R.
  • P. R. Addis, R.N.D.
  • W. E. I. Gosling, G.R.A
  • F. W. J. Vine, R.M
  • E. A. Surrey, R.B
  • A. B. Truman, P.O.R
  • G. H. Martin, R.N.D

Ealing Delivery Office,
Ealing Green,
W5 5EH