Leamington Spa War Memorial

In memory of those who fought in the First World War


Roll Of Honour, For King and Country, European War 1914 - 1918 Members of the Post Office Staff at Warwick & Leamington Who joined His Majesty's Forces

  • Pte E. Abery
  • Gnr R. Ackerman
  • Sgt A. V. Ackerman
  • C.S.M. H. H. Ball
  • Spr C. S. Barnham
  • C.S.M. G. H. Burnwell
  • Spr F. W. C. Bayliss
  • L/cpl C. C. Biddle
  • 2/Lieut. F. W. Bishop (M.M)
  • Tel. H. J. Boswell
  • Rfln H. Brown
  • Pte E. H. M. Chambers
  • Spr F. Cooper
  • Cpl H. Costin
  • Cpl J. H. Cotton
  • Cpl C. Dale
  • Spr R. S. Ekins
  • Bdr H. S. Friend
  • Spr B. French
  • C.S.M F. Gallagher
  • Spr H. Gardner
  • Sgt F. W. Godfrey
  • C.Q.M.S. G. J. Goode (VC)
  • Sgln E. F. Goode
  • Sgt J. Gregdon
  • C.Q.M.A. F. W. S. Gwatkin (M.S.M)
  • Lieut. H. M. Harris
  • Capt. S. R. Hayes
  • Sgt C. Hawkins
  • P.O. 1st Cl. F. Hines
  • Pte W. F. Jelphs
  • Sgt G. H. M. Keen (M.M.)
  • Sgt F. J. Lendley (M.S.M)
  • Dvr W. H. Makepeace
  • Cpl J. McCubbin
  • C.S.M. J. W. Morris (D.[A].M.)
  • Pte B. T. Nason
  • Sglr C. W. Neal
  • Pte A. C. Neal
  • Spr B. E. Orange
  • Sgt H. Pratt
  • L/Cpl F. C. Roles
  • Cpl M. G. Robertson
  • Lieut E. Roddis (M.B.E)
  • Dvr J. H Ross
  • Rfln F. Rowlatt
  • Miss G. V. Sarsons (W.A.A.C.)
  • Gnr T. Seamer
  • Tel. F. A. Sleath
  • Spr M. C. Swaine
  • Cpl A. Talbot
  • Lt/Cpl H. P. W. Tilley
  • L/Sgt E. H. R. Toone
  • Spr J. A. Tomlinson
  • Spr F. H. Ward
  • Pte W. G. White
  • Spr G. H. Wilkins
  • Cpl F. Williams
  • Pte H. R. Wood
  • Pte E. Worrall
  • Spr W. J. Wrigley

Leamington Spa Delivery Office,
1 Priory Terrace,
Leamington Spa,
CV31 1AA